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  • September 26, 2019
    10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Sharon Pearson is an international bestselling author, Sharon Pearson is also the founder of The
Coaching Institute, the largest coaching school in the world, which has graduated over 6,000
coaches since launching in 2004. Sharon will provide great insight on self-care and the
importance of incorporating it in your everyday life.

ULTIMATE YOU with Sharon PearsonImage result for sharon pearsonThursday, September 26th

10:30AM Brunch Reception

11:00AM Presentation

Sharon Pearson has been at the forefront of the coaching and personal improvement field for
more than 16 years. She has helped thousands of people improve their lives through Global
Success Institute’s ongoing training programs and is recognized internationally as the pioneer of
the Meta Dynamics™ coaching methodology.
“Sharon Pearson is the best coach I know… It’s not very often that a thought leader comes along
who’s really worthy of our attention, and that has happened now,” says international bestselling
author and world-renown speaker, Brian Tracy.
Sharon calls conscious living “Your Awesome Life.” She suggests one taste the wonder of
embracing life, fully present to the moment; with freedom from the shame of not being enough;
with a dancing heart and the intention to know one’s own precious truth.

She is also an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and coach. She has built The Coaching
Institute into the #1 coaching school in the world. Learn more at
Founded in 2004 it has trained over 6,000 coaches to date.

Related imageAnxiety Tips

Many of you have awakened in the morning with anxiety just thinking about your day. Author and world-renowned life coach, Sharon Pearson can offer advice on how to handle anxiety in the morning!

Sharon’s tips on handling anxiety include:

– Anxiety is usually a worry about the future – so something that will happen could happen, we don’t want to happen, or we don’t think we will have happen the way we want it.
– Learning to be comfortable with emotions which challenge us is essential – for example, getting comfortable with feeling tense – recognize this is a valid emotion, and rather than pushing it away, feel it, acknowledge it, label it, i.e., ‘I feel tense’, and observe it.
– Acknowledge yourself for feeling what you feel, without judgment – simply accept it as part of being human.
– Once you’ve allowed yourself to feel what you feel, and acknowledged yourself, ask yourself a question – ‘Is it okay that I can’t control everything?’, and sit with this question and the answers that come to you.
– Then ask yourself if it’s okay that you don’t know how the future event is going to go, and that sometimes that’s how it’s going to be.
– Ask yourself if there have been times previously when the amount of anxiety you felt was perhaps disproportionately greater than the actual event warranted, and acknowledge that ‘over-reaction’ can occasionally take hold of us – this is normal, adjust your thinking with the realization that sometimes a future event is not as bad as we imagine.
– Acknowledge that what we can’t control and what is unknown can bring anxiety up for us.
– Practice reminding yourself that it’s okay not to know, it’s okay to let it go, it’s okay to have challenging events in the future.