• February 3, 2020
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Stop Playing Small: An A to Z Guide to Living Your Bigger, Better Life

Monday, February 3rd 5:30pm BHWC 1700 Chevy Chase Dr.

Presentation with heavy hors d’oevres and wine reception

$40 Members/Guests 

Co-Chair: Lauri Morrison [email protected]

Co-Chair: Sali Lewally [email protected]

The through-line in Mark Rothman’s career has been his commitment to helping people live better, more meaningful lives. As a Progress Coach, he guides his clients to make continual forward progress in every area of their lives, so they can live the big, abundant life the universe holds out for them. In an entertaining and enlightening presentation, Mark will discuss his new book, Stop Playing Small: An A to Z Guide to Living Your Bigger. Mark’s talk will show you:

  • How to decrease the power of self-criticism and replace with positivity;
  • Discover the world is abundant, as are you; and,
  • Increase your power over your life.

As a Progress Coach with significant experience working with men, Mark will also help those with significant male relationships understand key aspects of those relationships, including:

  • How a man’s inherent desire to be your guide and protector plays itself out in daily life; and
  • How you can you help your partner be more romantic, affectionate and supportive.



The through-line in Mark Rothman’s career has been his commitment to helping people live better, more meaningful lives. First inspired by the power of stories to do this as an English major at Columbia University, Mark brought his enthusiasm for literature and writing to Phillips Andover Academy as a Teaching Fellow post-graduation. His goal there was to show his students the possibilities for growth and change contained in some of the greatest books in American literature.

Mark realized the potential to turn every theater into a classroom and earned an MFA from the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television. He formed Ness Productions to write and direct documentaries, corporate productions, and educational films. His credits include the documentary Children of the Dream, about Ethiopian-Israelis visiting Los Angeles in the aftermath of the Rodney King riots, and the fiction short Magic Glasses, about children with special needs which became part of an installation at the Discovery Place Museum in Los Angeles. His corporate productions included promotional video shorts for law firms and multiple nonprofits throughout the Los Angeles area.

Conducting several dozen interviews with Holocaust survivors for the Steven Spielberg-inspired USC Shoah Foundation, Mark also worked as a consultant-interviewer to participate in the cutting-edge virtual reality project, New Dimensions in Testimony. This work, combined with his experiences with nonprofit organizations and with fundraising for documentaries, led him to leave film production for a position helping survivors apply for reparations from Germany and other nations. He was then selected to lead the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust through a $20m capital campaign and its evolution into its permanent home for the Museum, including the construction of the new facility and its exhibits. It was during his experience at the Museum that Mark first discovered the power of leadership coaching when he began working with a coach.

Mark then launched MAR Consulting, focusing on supporting nonprofit organizations in development, grant writing, social media and branding while also serving as an Interim Executive Director for multiple non-profits. When he was asked to stay permanently as the full time Chief Executive Officer of Good Shepherd Shelter, the oldest domestic violence shelter in Los Angeles, he transitioned out of his consulting practice and returned to full-time leadership of that organization.

Amidst his many CEO responsibilities, the moments that meant most to Mark occurred when he was called upon to directly support, mentor or guide the domestic violence victims living in the shelter. Mark sought to make these moments the central focus of his work. He decided to draw on his experience of 18-plus years as a sponsor in the 12-step program Alanon, and his eight years working with his mentor-coach. He gradually began helping support and facilitate coaching groups and transformational events through the Remarkable Men’s PracticeTM, finally leaving the shelter and began his full-time coaching practice. As a Progress Coach, Mark guides his clients to make continual forward progress in all areas of their lives.

As a tool to further communicate his message, Mark published the book Stop Playing Small: An A to Z Guide to Living Your Bigger, Better Life, in August, 2019. In his one-on-one coaching with both men and women, his facilitation of men’s circles, and his work with the Remarkable Men’s PracticeTM, Mark forms powerful relationships with his clients. He helps them identify and remove the obstacles they put in their way that stop them from moving forward, that keep them playing small, and that block them from filling the space the universe holds open for us all. His work helps his clients create focus, balance and abundance in all aspects of their lives.