• April 11, 2019
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Beverly Hills Women’s Club Art Day 2019

9:00AM Please arrive no later than 9:00AM

9:15AM Bus leaves BHWC parking lot

10:15AM Arrive to Hawthorne Arts Complex

11:45AM Lunch at Sausal Restaurant (Mexican food)

1:00PM Private Tour with the curator at El Segundo Museum of Art  (“EAT” Exhibition)

2:15PM Depart from El Segundo back to BHWC

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The day will first feature a visit to the Hawthorne Arts Complex (“HAC”) http://www.hawthorneartscomplex.com/Index.aspx, a massive 44,000 Square foot of Art Studio multiplex with over 75 Artists located near Space-X and the Tesla Design Center in Hawthorne.  HAC is a vibrant artist community where ideas, techniques and expertise are shared among the artists.  It is one of the few large and expanding artist colonies in LA!  The building was constructed in the 1960s and originally used by Northrup Grumman for early computer research.  The space was subsequently sold and occupied by a number of businesses until 2016 when it was taken over by a commercial real estate developer and completely remodeled into a modern art studio complex.

At HAC we will see presentations by 5 or 6 artists that specialize in different mediums (glass and canvas painting, resin, woodwork, fiber and multi-media).  Each artist will give a brief personal history, discuss their creative process, inspiration and then explain examples of their artwork.  Effectively a “Show & Tell”.  After the presentations, we will tour the studio complex and you will be able to visit the artists’ studios, see their work product and ask questions.

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After the studio visits we will have lunch at Sausal Restaurant and then visit the El Segundo Museum of Art and see the EAT Exhibit https://esmoa.org/experience/eat/.



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Eating – one of the fundamental actions of our lives.  We sleep. We breathe. We eat. We love.  Without eating nothing moves.  EAT will invite every visitor to find inspiration about what a diverse and creative power food can develop.  An Educator will explain the Exhibit and answer your questions.  There are over 70 works on display by artist including: Warhol, Rauschenberg, Ralph Goings, Carol Bayer Sager and others

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to interact with artist and perhaps get your own studio to discover your inner artist!

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Featured Artists:

Jeff Davis:  Jeff specializes in painting on glass and panel utilizing acrylic paint.  The glass paintings have up to 6 or 7 layers of paint and numerous carve outs allowing transparency and reflection of the painting reverse image side in the mirror box frames.  The artist also creates surrealist paintings on panel.  Jeff also has a monthly art column in a number of Beacon Media publications (Pasadena Independent, Monrovia Weekly, Arcadia Weekly etc.).  https://davisphere.com


Stephanie Kohler:  Stephanie is primarily a mixed media artist that utilizes resin, inks, dyes, paints, wax and other mixed media to crate spectacular earth and space inspired paintings. She also produces a wonderful line of kitchen wear, side tables, clocks and other useable objects.  Stephanie is also very involved in art education in the South Bay Community.  She is actively engaged in fund raising to bring art education into the local curriculum.


David Leitch:  David is a woodwork specialist who creates both abstract studio pieces in addition to working on a number of commercial projects for the restaurant industry.  His sculptures are display in the HAC Foyer Gallery during the month of February.  He has a number of exotic woodwork pieces for the home and kitchen (cutting boards, guacamole + chip trays etc.)  You name it – he can design and build it!


Aneesa Shami:  Aneesa is a Fiber artist.  Her studio contains several vintage looms where she hand-weaves both abstract wall hangings and wearable art (scarves to die for!).  She also creates a number of works from yarn, felt strips, torn magazines and other media.  You have to touch the pieces to experience them.  Aneesa is also the Content Manager and Emerging Market Coordinator for Textile Arts LA.  http://www.aneesashami.com/statement


Lindsay Smith:  Lindsay is an Assemblage artist that uses found objects (wood, glass, metal, discarded figurines, paint etc.) to create abstract and figurative art.  Some of the artworks are obvious and others take a trained eye to interpret.  Visiting her studio space is a trip into the unknown – you never know what you’ll discover!  Lindsay is also involved in screenwriting and photography and has been an entrepreneur her entire life.  https://www.lindsaysmithart.com/home.html


Melissa Dyanne:  Melissa creates brightly colored, figure narrative painting that revolves from an interest in the female nude and how it is portrayed. She is particularly focused on the female form in both Rococo and Baroque art, with the garish idolatry in both genres and how they related to the myth of the female, both as a powerful goddess and object of desire. Melissa also teaches at the Brentwood Art Center and Los Angeles City College, where she enjoys the interaction with students of all ages.  http://www.melissadyanne.com